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Revolutionize the way you get feedback

qidiq provides unmatched response rates!

Surveys are a chore. Nobody likes filling them out but you still need your feedback. Where to turn?

qidiq allows you to ask feedback questions that can be answered with a single click. By the time your customers see the question, they know their answer and can click it.

No more begging for feedback. You ask a question, they click their answer. It couldn't be any simpler.

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Watch how quick and easy it is to get feedback using qidiq

Unmatched Response Rates
Customers see response rates up to 4x higher than traditional survey methods.

Customizable Emails
The emails that we send to your customers can look like they were sent from you. We can even include your logo at the top of each email.

Export Your Data
Generate reports and analyze your data.

One Tap Feedback

Whether you're running an event and want to know what attendees thought of the keynote or you just want to know if anyone is available to volunteer for the BBQ this weekend, qidiq is the easiest and most effective way to get responses.

We send your email, they tap their answer, you get your response. It literally could not be any simpler.

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“At Guru magazine, we love qidiq because it is simple to set up and - from our reader's point of view - is fun and easy to use. The system offers the freedom to set serious or fun questions at regular intervals and gives users the option to see other's responses, giving it a distinct 'community' feel.”
Dr Stuart Farrimond
Guru Magazine
“My verdict? [qidiq] has massive potential.”
Monika Jansen
Writer and Editor
Tech Cocktail
“Integrating qidiq into our Dishcrawl events enhanced the experience of our fun, social events as well as provided our team with valuable feedback from our customers! We were also very impressed with the high response rates. Total customer development win.”
Tracy Lee
Founder and CEO
“I will definitely recommend qidiq to others and I know that my class liked the way you could see real-time feedback and changes in the charts.”
Alexandra Guilford
FoxMIS - Fox School of Business - Temple University
“Using qidiq I was able to ask feedback questions throughout a recent conference. I got unprecedented response rates and will definitely be using it for future events.”
Martin Dufresne
Director of Alliance Mobilité
Organizer of Mobiz 2011
qidiq has been absolutely fantastic for getting feedback from our volunteer base. We use it to let people sign up for events and provide feedback. The process is easy and fun for everyone!”
Jonathan Lee
Volunteer Coordinator
Brunstad Christian Church Ottawa
qidiq takes the friction out of soliciting community feedback. We’re using it to engage our conference advisors and after just a few weeks we’re hooked.”
Steve Wylie
General Manager
Cloud Connect
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